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EFE podcasts lauded for their quality and innovation at EANA

Zurich, Switzerland, Sep 30 (EFE).- EFE Agency news podcasts received an award for their quality and innovation from the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA) on Thursday.

The award was collected by EFE’s innovation coordinator, Javier Marín, during EANA’s general assembly where he praised the Spanish news agency’s “great audiovisual team and its great efforts” behind the “seemingly small audio projects”.

EFE’s short three-minute podcasts, which are published daily on all the top audio platforms — Spotify, Amazon Music, Itunes and Google, among others — are packed with information and narrated in direct and agile language that broaches the top news of the day succinctly.

EANA’s Maxim Minchev Award, created in 2005 and named last year in honor of the late former director of the BTA Bulgarian news agency, is a 1,000 Swiss franc prize that is handed out by a jury that includes the organization’s directors and the presidents and CEO’s of AFP (France), APA (Austria), FENA (Bosnia) and PA (United Kingdom).EFE


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