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Egypt president planned to send rockets to Russia, says leaked document

Washington, Apr 11 (EFE).- Egyptian President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi ordered government officials to produce more than 40,000 rockets to covertly send to Russia, according to a US document leaked to The Washington Post newspaper on Monday.

The leaked document, to which the American media outlet had access and which was published on the social media platform Discord, revealed a series of conversations between al-Sisi and his government officials about the possible sale of weapons to Russia.

In a conversation dated Feb.17, the Egyptian president instructed senior officials to order the production of weapons secretly to “avoid problems with the West,” according to information published in the US media.

The document revealed an official telling employees to work hard to produce the weapons because “it was the least Egypt could do to repay Russia” for an earlier help. It is not specified, however, what kind of help it referred to.

A US government source told the Post that Washington was not aware of such an agreement between Russia and Egypt materializing.

On its part, the Egyptian embassy in the United States did not confirm the veracity of the document to the newspaper, but stressed that al-Sisi’a government had a policy of non-intervention with respect to the war in Ukraine.

This leak comes just days after another series of leaks on Twitter and Telegram of Pentagon documents containing information

on arms deliveries to Ukraine and references to the capabilities of Ukrainian battalions.

White House spokesperson John Kirby, at a press conference Monday, said senior US officials have been in touch with some of Washington’s closest allies over the past few days to discuss the recent leaks.

Moreover, Kirby said the Joe Biden administration was doing everything possible to identify the source of the leak. EFE


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