Elderly in Spain’s Segovia enthusiastic as they receive Covid booster jabs

By Laura Lopez

Segovia, Sep 23 (EFE).- Ana Fernandez, a Spanish woman turning 97 in October, is getting ready for her appointment to receive the third Covid-19 vaccine shot.

Ana, short of Mariana, was the first person in the Spanish city of Segovia to take the first vaccine jab, as well as the booster dose in the campaign that began across the region Thursday.

“You (the unvaccinated) have to get vaccinated so that we (the elderly) do not get extra doses,” Ana, who lives in the Mixed Residence for Seniors of Segovia tells Efe.

Some 69 people living in the same nursing home as Ana, including a resident who used to be a vaccine skeptic, also took their shots of Pfizer.

Around 78 other residents are yet to receive their booster jab, which has to be administered at least six months after the completion of the first two-dose vaccine series.

Maria Angeles Pena, the manager of the residence, told reporters that there had not been infections since the arrival of the vaccines at the center, saying the dark first months of the pandemic that resulted in the death of seven residents have passed.

The next in line for the shot is Manuela Sebastian, the 88-year-old woman who came to the residence in May to recover from a stroke that put her in the hospital for 16 days

“I am happy with what I have overcome. They have treated me very well and I am happy,” Sebastian said, as she encouraged people to get vaccinated.EFE


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