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‘Emotion is more important than accuracy,’ Rosalia on new album

Madrid, Mar 18 (EFE).- Four years after releasing the album that made her an international star, Spanish pop singer Rosalia released Friday a new album, ‘Motomami’.

Famous for reinventing Spanish Flamenco, the singer’s new album is an even more experimental work that mixes classic reggaeton, flamenco, rap, sentimental ballads and jazz interludes.

“As a musician, I like to go all the way when I have an idea. Whatever I’m working on, if I make a decision about a song, its subject and arrangement, I do it without half-assing it,” she told Efe in an exclusive interview.

“My favorite artists are radical in their approach and I’ve learned from their inspirations. It’s how I enter the studio, experimental, free and spontaneous.”

Forced to be away from her family due to the coronavirus pandemic for the last two years, the pop singer said the last three years of working on the album have not been easy.

“It has not been easy for me, being far away from my family for two years,” she said.

‘Motomami’ is a personal expression for Rosalia, something she has never done before.

“It has a very diary-like tone, like an autobiography, something I had never done before in any other projects. They are my experiences of these three years, my reflections and my emotions, the contrast between them,” she told Efe.

“The ballads are about the people I love and from whom I have been far away from (…) who are pillars in my life.

“When people listen to the album from top to bottom they will see that there is a reason and an intention for every piece because of the time I have dedicated to the order of each song, measuring every detail so that the listeners can live the experience.”

While Flamenco music remains the base and inspiration in Rosalia’s music, emotions are what count the most.

“Most of the time I prioritize emotion and timbre (…) Every detail, every word is very deliberate. For me, emotion is more important than accuracy or clarity.” EFE


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