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EU recovery fund to rebuild more resilient tourism sector in Spain

Madrid, Jul 12 (EFE).- Some 3.4 billion euros from the EU’s post-pandemic recovery investment scheme will finance the rehabilitation and transformation of the Spanish tourism industry.

In the sixth joint forum organized by EFE and KPMG, “The challenge of recovering tourism,” Spain’s Industry and Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto said the Spanish recovery plan’s projects for modernizing the tourism sector after the Covid-19 pandemic was the “most ambitious public intervention of this country’s history.”

The vaccine rollout is key in the recovery to make Spain a safe and easy destination for foreign visitors, she added.

The 3.4 billion euros will be invested in touristic destinations, coastline regeneration, infrastructure improvements and cementing the quality of accommodation.

The plan will focus on building a more resilient tourism industry, one less dependent on seasonal affluence, as well as a more attractive branding of Spain as a destination.

Energy efficiency is one of the axes of the project, which will take up 220 million euros to lower energy consumption of buildings and destinations.

Digitalization is another key facet in the transformation agenda, as the southern European country hopes to pioneer the concept of “smart destinations.”

Despite rising infection rates, not only in Spain but all across Europe, Maroto called for composure, arguing that 58% of Spanish residents have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and hospitals are far from being overwhelmed. EFE


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