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Experts declare end of La Palma volcano eruption

Santa Cruz de La Palma, Spain, Dec 25 (EFE).- The eruption of a volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma has come to an end after 85 days of activity, experts confirmed on Saturday.

“The eruption is over,” the Canary Islands regional government’s spokesman Julio Perez, said at a press conference.

Since it first erupted on 19 September, it has expelled tons of lava that has devoured thousands of hectares and forced over 2,000 people of out their homes.

Since 13 December, no eruptions or temblor have been detected by the scientific committee monitoring the volcanic activity.

The scientists, however, have given a few days of margin to verify that the volcano was not reactivated, before declaring the end of the eruption.

Nonetheless, authorities insist that the emergency is not over.

“The risks remain,” Perez said as there are still gases, ashes and heat.

The reconstruction is expected to get underway next Monday, Perez announced.

Some people who have lost their homes due to the advance of the various lava flows are expected to be relocated during the first half of January.

Over 1,300 homes have been devoured by lava, along with agricultural, hospitality buildings and schools, while 73 kilometers of roads and other infrastructures such as water pipes have been damaged. EFE


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