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Explosions reported in Yangon, residents urged to stay inside

Bangkok, May 27 (EFE).- A civilian-formed defense force group in Myanmar on Thursday urged residents to stay in their homes and away from military spots, while at least six explosions were recorded in Yangon, according to local media.

In a brief statement, the Spring Revolution Union called on citizens to stay off the streets and away from military installations, checkpoints and staff.

Coinciding with the announcement, at least six small explosions were recorded Thursday in Yangon, the former capital and the most populous city, reported local media, which also noted at least one death.

According to witnesses cited by Khit Thit Media, the military have cordoned off an area of Thaketa district, in the southeast of Yangon, where a bomb allegedly claimed the life of a military-linked man. No details about the other explosions were given.

Attacks against military targets have been on the rise in the former capital and other large cities of Myanmar, while mass demonstrations have died down due to the crackdown of security forces. Smaller protests of shorter duration continue.

Some protesters have taken up arms against the military, tired of the little progress made by the peaceful demonstrations.

At least 828 people have lost their lives during the authorities’ violent response to the opposition to the Feb. 1 coup, according to the latest figures from the Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners.

The military junta justifies its coup claiming fraud in the November election, in which the party led by Aung San Suu Kyi won by a landslide and which has the backing of international observers. EFE


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