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Family, public call for finding of missing young trans Argentinian man

Buenos Aires, Apr 12 (EFE).- The family of 21-year-old trans Argentinian man Tehuel de la Torre, who disappeared a month ago, waited Monday for news on the police search as demonstrations demanded the government take more action on the case.

On Mar. 11 de la Torre went to a job interview and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

“We live crying, depression seizes us minute by minute. For a while we are, despite everything, well, trying to make him appear, and after a while you feel like crying,” de la Torre’s sister and family spokesperson Verónica Elisabet Alarcón told Efe.

The relatives met Monday with Buenos Aires province’s minister of security, Sergio Berni, who leads the police force investigating the case, as De la Torre disappeared in San Vicente.

“This is all very sad, I hope it never happens to anybody (else). It is a very ugly situation,” Alarcón said.

In recent weeks, the case of de la Torre has been taken up by different groups, which some say is a sign that the justice system is not acting the same in the search for trans people as it does for others.

Alarcón asked that the people stand up “for a human being,” her brother, but stressed that she does not agree with political mobilizations such as those that took place Monday in places like the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires.

“This is about a human being, a person, and I do not like politics, I do not like political flags being raised. What I am talking about is finding a person,” says Alarcón.

Asked about the actions of the authorities, she said that the family has received help “from the beginning” and that at present “information is being verified” about her brother.

At the Plaza de Mayo rally, which was attended by around 100 people, Workers’ Socialist Movement member Jeanette Cisneros, one of the organizers of the march, told Efe that “the State is responsible” for de la Torre being missing due to the late institutional response.

“We are asking for the intervention of the State, denouncing the role of the security ministry that has dedicated itself to going out to do reports when it does not seek all the resources,” said Cisneros.

According to Cisneros, the alleged police neglect “reflects the structural violence experienced by the trans community.”

Likewise, the organizer of the gathering considered that the minister of gender and diversity “is not seeing the relevance nor making the political pressure that she could.” EFE


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