Female politicians call for women’s rights in 1st conference under Taliban

Kabul, Sep 19 (EFE).- Female politicians in Afghanistan on Sunday held their first press conference under the new Taliban regime, where they called for the restoration of women’s rights to education and work.

The conference, attended by 150 women, was organized by the Movement for Change of Afghanistan. Founded in 2013, it is the first women-oriented political party in the country and is led by outspoken rights campaigner and lawmaker Fawzia Koofi.

“Today’s press conference was regarding women rights; we want equal rights for women and men. The Taliban should not snatch the rights to education and work from women. Women’s participation in politics and economic activities should be ensured,” Ghazlla, an organizer of the press conference, told Efe.

A member of the leadership committee of the political party, she said the Taliban are retreating from the promises they made during the Doha peace talks regarding women’s rights.

“It has been more than a month since the Taliban closed the doors of government offices for the female employees, yesterday they allowed only boys to go to secondary schools and girls should remain home,” she said.

“A few days back they dispersed women’s protests and recently dissolved the Women Affairs Ministry. These are the things that women can no longer tolerate.”

“We will not accept the Taliban’s discriminatory decisions and will continue our protests, criticism, press conferences and will use all possible peaceful means to raise our voice and stand for our rights,” she added.

Soon after the press conference ended, the Taliban arrived at the doors of the building and asked why the building’s employees had permitted a press conference that was “against the system.”

The women had already left the building for a protest.

In the peaceful protest, the women marched toward the Ministry of Women Affairs, which was this week dissolved and replaced with the Taliban’s so-called Vice and Virtue Ministry by the Taliban.

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