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Flamenco dancer Paula Rodríguez says the art ‘has given many wings to women’

By Rocío Otoya

Sydney, Australia, Sep 23 (EFE).- Acclaimed Spanish dancer Paula Rodríguez, who is touring Australia with the “Authentic Flamenco” show, told EFE in Sydney that this art “has given many wings to women” while still evoking stereotypes about their role in society.

Rodríguez, 32, explained that flamenco reflects “the culture of Spain that precedes us” and, therefore, some of the lyrics are masochistic and speak of sensuality and the typical female flamenco performer.

However, it has also led to the emergence of “very powerful women” who have developed techniques with a very physical component to them, including Carmen Amaya, one of the most important and influential dancers in flamenco history, and Manuela Carrasco, she added.

Flamenco has given “many wings to women,” allowing them to travel and enter “a man’s world” during their tours with the artists, according to Rodríguez.

Rodríguez has also forged her own path in the world of flamenco since the age of four.

At 32, she has already made a name in flamenco tablaos such as Cardamomo in Madrid, opened a flamenco school and won multiple awards, including at the Cante de Las Minas international flamenco festival, with which she rose into prominence in 2021.

Rodríguez hoped to continue being “honest” to her “culture and roots” while “transmitting the authenticity of flamenco (and living up to) the art’s demands.”

The Spaniard described flamenco as both beautiful and demanding since it not only requires physical preparation in the footwork and arm movements but also needs the artist to learn the songs and the guitar music, among other aspects.

Rodríguez also pointed out to the struggle between those wanting to maintain the art’s authenticity and others exploring new trends.

In this “war between purism and the contemporary”, Rodríguez said that flamenco has to define “where it wants to go”, while female artists must continue fighting to make a place for themselves.

She also expressed a desire to venture into choreography in the future.

The “Authentic Flamenco” show is part of an international program organized by the Royal Opera of Madrid to promote flamenco in 38 cities across 15 countries as part of three tours with 400 performances, including in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia. EFE


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