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Floating bridge above Rome’s Tiber brings Michelangelo’s vision to life

Rome, Jul 15 (EFE).- An illuminated, cardboard bridge floating above Rome’s Tiber river has brought one of Michelangelo’s visions to life for the first time.

Inspired by the Renaissance master, French artist Olivier Grossetete honors Michelangelo’s creativity with an 18-meter long cardboard bridge suspended by three large white helium balloons.

Pope Paul III had commissioned Michelangelo to design a bridge that connected the Palazzo Farnese and Villa Farnese, a 16th century palace, separated by the Tiber river.

But after the pope’s death, the Farnese Bridge project was abandoned, leaving the artist with an uncompleted project.

The floating bridge symbolically connects the Palazzo Farnese — today the French embassy in Rome — with Villa Farnese.

The initiative was promoted by the French embassy together with the Institut Francais Italia and as well as being a tribute to Michelangelo, it symbolizes the strong friendship and connection between France and Italy, the embassy said.

The installation will stay in place until July 18 after which the cardboard will be recycled.EFE


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