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Floods kill 18 people and destroy hundreds of homes in Afghanistan

Kabul, July 25 (EFE).- At least 18 lives have been lost and hundreds of homes destroyed in the floods across the crisis-hit Afghanistan over the past two days, an official said on Monday.

Unseasonal rains that created flash floods destroyed tens of residential homes and inundated thousands of acres of agricultural land over the past two days, damaging crops.

Disaster management ministry spokesperson Mohammad Nasim Haqqani told EFE that the floods caused material losses and damaged public and private properties.

Flooding caused ten deaths in the provinces of Wardak, five in Nangarhar, and three in Nooristan.

Earlier this month, floods in several Afghan regions claimed the lives of 57 people while injuring close to 80 more.

The rains gained momentum across the country on July 7. The deluge also affected 2,250 residential houses and12,000 acres of agricultural land.

The war-torn, impoverished nation is confronting many problems at once.

Recent droughts have resulted in significant hardship, and low crop yields have raised concerns about impending food shortages.

It exacerbated the issues brought on by decades of conflict that came to an end on August 15 of last year when the Taliban seized power.

After US-led forces withdrew, the international world, led by the US, cut off foreign funding and froze assets worth billions of dollars abroad as the Islamist militia regained power.

One of the biggest natural disasters to hit Afghanistan in recent memory, a 5.9-magnitude earthquake on June 22, resulted in more than 1,000 fatalities and 1,500 injuries and the nation is still recuperating from its effects.

Natural calamities frequently strike the nation, taking lives in the process.

In northern Afghanistan in May 2014, 2,000 people died in landslides.

At least 200 people died in floods brought on by torrential rains in eastern Afghanistan in July 2021. EFE


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