Florida surpasses 100K COVID-19 cases, experts warn of spike among young

Miami/Washington, Jun 22 (efe-epa).- Florida on Monday surpassed the psychological threshold of 100,000 Covid-19 cases and, along with several other states including Arizona and Texas, is experiencing a spike in its caseload, while experts are warning of an increase in cases among young people.

With 2,926 coronavirus cases detected in the past 24 hours, Florida topped 100,000 cases amid growing concern about the ongoing health emergency, the reality of which clashes with the firm stance taken by state authorities against any measures that might dampen the resumption of economic activity.

The increase noted on Monday comes after a week during which Florida’s caseload rose by more than 24,500 at a time when many had thought the danger from the virus had receded after the easing of the quarantine and supposed that Florida was moving problem free to the third phase of its economic reopening process.

However, as of Monday, Florida has officially tallied 100,217 Covid-19 cases, 3,713 of which have proved fatal, according to the state health department.

The figure for daily infections is the first to be under 3,000 since last Wednesday. The state’s daily record so far stands at 4,049 new cases, as tabulated on June 20.

Meanwhile, state authorities remain focused on ensuring that the economic reopening process remains on track and claim that the increase in daily Covid-19 cases is due to the greater number of tests being conducted at more sites than at the beginning of the pandemic, although a number of experts have refuted that assertion.

Since March 1, 1,618,540 tests have been conducted and 6.2 percent have come back positive in Florida. Last week, the percentage had been in the 5 percent range, so it appears that more of the tests that are being done are coming back positive, an indication that a spike in the infection curve is occurring.

Health experts are continuing to urge the public to take protective measures amid the case spike without waiting for Gov. Rick DeSantis or mayors around the state to take additional measures – or not – to deal with the situation.

In projections published last week by the PolicyLab of the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, health experts warned that the states with the greatest danger for wide transmission of the coronavirus continued to be Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

They forecast that Florida would meet all the requirements for becoming the new big US epicenter of transmission for the virus because of the speed with which it is spreading in the Sunshine State.

Up to now, the major focal point for Covid-19 in the US has been New York, which continues to be the state that has experienced the largest number of cases – 399,888 and 31,168 deaths, according to the tally being kept by The Johns Hopkins University.

Worldwide, the US is the country with the largest number of coronavirus cases, 2,292,867, as well as deaths: 120,121.

In recent days, various experts have warned of the growth in virus cases in the southern and western US states among young people who, they say, are not adhering to social distancing guidelines and, increasingly, are testing positive for Covid-19.

The New York Times reported Monday that at least 100 cases were linked last Friday to employees and customers in the Tigerland bar and nightclub zone near the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

In South Carolina, infections among the 21-30 age group have risen by 413 percent since April 4, while in Mississippi, state officials cited by the New York daily said that cases have been linked to fraternity parties in Oxford, where the University of Mississippi is located.

In addition, more than 80 percent of the confirmed virus cases in Oxford are among people in the 18-24 age range.


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