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Foreign envoys urge Pakistan to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine

Islamabad, March 1 (EFE).- Representatives of at least 22 countries urged Pakistan on Tuesday to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine and to voice its support for the United Nations Charter and founding principles of international law in the ongoing special session of the UN General Assembly.

The Islamabad-stationed envoys stated that Russia launched an unprovoked attack and invaded Ukraine, a peaceful neighboring country which posed no threat to it.

“We urge Pakistan to join us in condemning Russia’s actions and to voice support for upholding the UN Charter and the founding principles of international law,” a joint press release said.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry did not respond to an EFE request for comment.

Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, however, pushed back, accusing them of ignoring multiple violations of the UN Charter, UNSC resolutions, 4th Geneva Convention by India in the Indian controlled Jammu and Kashmir and by Israel in Palestine.

“Remember attacks on Iraq, Libya, Syria, Srebrenica massacre and illegal drone attacks on Pakistan?” she wrote on Twitter.

She said prime minister Imran Khan has stated clearly that Pakistan does not support the use of military force to settle conflicts but pointed out that countries “cannot adhere to Charter and international law selectively as has been done by the powerful for decades,” she added.

The press release states that Russia’s actions constitute a clear violation of the UN charter and present a “serious risk to global peace and security” and called on the international community to “work in solidarity and support and uphold the rules-based international order.”

A draft resolution was presented in the UN Security Council on Feb. 25, which was vetoed by Russia and with three other members — China, India and UAE — abstaining, while 11 voted in favor of the resolution.

The representatives of foreign missions said that resolution was aimed at reaffirming the commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders and would have condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in the strongest terms.

The ambassadors said that the UN General Assembly will now meet in an “Emergency Special Session”, where the UNGA is expected to vote for a resolution to stop Russia’s aggression.

“We deplore the loss of life and humanitarian suffering as innocent civilians are being targeted and a mass exodus of women and children is underway into neighboring countries,” the envoys said.

“This is unacceptable in Europe, as it is anywhere in the World,” they added. EFE


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