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French author Annie Ernaux wins 2022 Literature Nobel Prize

Stockholm, 6 Oct (EFE).- The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded on Thursday to French writer Annie Ernaux for the “courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective restraints of personal memory”.

The author has been praised for the way she weaves her individual experiences and detailed remembrances to create a portrait of French society.

In her novel The Years — one of her defining works — Ernaux uses memories of her childhood and teenage years growing up in rural Normandy to explore subjects like the contraceptive pill, the student movements of 1968, abortion, and the women’s movement.

The chairman of the Academy’s Nobel Prize committee, Anders Olsson, described Ernaux as “an ethnologist of herself” and added that her work “consistently and from different angles, examines a life marked by strong disparities regarding gender, language and class”.

Olsson said that they had not been able to reach Ernaux on the phone, but they expected to speak to her soon.

Ernaux, who was born in 1940 in a small town of the Normandy region of northern France, is now the 16th French writer Nobel laureate. EFE


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