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French deputy drugged by senator wants to make visible the chemical submission of women

Paris, Nov 20 (EFE). – French deputy Sandrine Josso, who was drugged with ecstasy last week by Senator Joël Guerriau, assured on Monday that she wants to make visible the “scourge” of chemical submission suffered by women.

“It is our duty to raise awareness” about the “scourge” of chemical submission, “we can no longer look away. We can all go through what I went through,” Josso said.

In an interview with the public television channel France 5, the deputy explained that she came to Guerriau’s home to celebrate his re-election as senator, since they both come from the same department of Loire-Atlantique and have known each other for ten years.

According to her testimony, the senator served her a glass of champagne, which she noticed had a strange taste, but her host encouraged her to continue drinking.

After a few minutes, she began to have palpitations, and the senator increased and decreased the intensity of the lights, something doctors later told her increased the effect of ecstasy.

She later claims that she saw Guerriau put a small white bag in a kitchen drawer, at which point she decided to leave and asked for a taxi.

The senator accompanied her, and she explained that she could not stand up in the elevator.

“I thought I was going to die of a heart attack. I thought I was going to die because I thought he was going to abuse me. I could not stand up in the elevator.”

After first going to the National Assembly and receiving initial medical attention, she was sent to a hospital.

“The doctors told me that they see people like me every day, three a day. Anyone can suffer what I went through,” she says.

Therefore, she wants to use her case to highlight this phenomenon, which she has called a “scourge” because of its frequency.

Guerriau’s lawyer, Rémi Pierre Drai, reiterated several times last week that his client never intended to drug his guest and “old friend,” but rather “made a manipulation error.”

Following Josso’s complaint, Judicial Police agents went to the senator’s home, where they found ecstasy. A medical analysis also found traces of several drugs in the senator’s system.

Guerriau, was arrested and charged by a judge with two crimes: supplying a drug with the intent to commit rape or sexual assault, and possession of narcotics.

After his indictment, he was released with a ban on contact with Josso. His party (Horizons) and his parliamentary group (Senate Independents) suspended him on Saturday. EFE


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