French rugby to allow trans people to play

Paris, May 17 (EFE).- The French Rugby Federation (FFR) announced Monday that it will allow trans players to take part in official competitions from next season.

On LGTBIphobia day, the FFR said that the unanimous decision was reached after the world rugby governing bodies allowed national federations to authorize transgender people to participate in official rugby tournaments.

In a statement, president Jean-Bernard Moles, said: “This inclusion in the FFR regulations is a great and unprecedented step forward. I hope that other federations will follow.”

The French Federation set some medical and administrative conditions so that trans people can participate “without risk.”

Players who have undergone surgery are not subject to any preconditions, while those still in transition, whether male or female, need an “administrative recognition” of their new sex and must meet some medical conditions like hormone regimes. EFE


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