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G20 calls for ‘open, inclusive dialogue’ on returning artifacts stolen during colonialism

New Delhi, Aug 26 (EFE).- The G20 ministers of culture agreed on Saturday to support an “open and inclusive” dialogue on the return of artifacts looted by colonial powers.

The culture ministers of the 20 top and emerging economies met in the 1000-year-old city of Varanasi in north India.

They welcomed “progress made at national, regional or international levels towards resolving issues and enabling the return and restitution of cultural property to their

countries and communities of origin,” said the outcome document issued after the meeting.

They stressed “fostering enhanced knowledge on provenance” of the looted objects in foreign museums and institutions of the former colonial powers.

The G20 also called for supporting developing countries to manage and conserve cultural property.

Open dialogue on the restitution of looted works of art has gained momentum in recent years, with a growing number of museums and countries forced to return stolen artifacts under pressure from the countries of origin.

For example, the Dutch government in July announced to return 478 works of art claimed by Indonesia and Sri Lanka, stolen by the Netherlands during the colonial period. EFE

The G20 ministers stressed the need to overcome digital divides, promoting international cooperation and continuous knowledge sharing, enabling the access to culture.

They said it could be done through “unbiased digital tools supported by digital literacy, skills training, with due consideration for inclusive digital access, narrowing the gender digital divide in particular for developing countries.”


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