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Gazprom says Nord Stream leaks stopped, pressure stabilized

Moscow, Oct 3 (EFE).- Russian energy giant Gazprom said Monday that the gas leaks detected in the Baltic waters from three ruptured Nord Stream pipeline strands last week had stopped.

Gazprom said the pressure in the three pipelines had been stabilized and that it was working to reduce the potential ecological risks of the leaks.

The energy company added that gas flow to Europe could resume via the Nord Streams 2 B pipeline.

“In case a decision is made to start supply through Nord Stream 2 B pipeline, (…) natural gas will be pumped back into the pipeline,” Gazprom said on Telegram in its first statement since the incident.

Three mysterious leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines linking Russia with Europe via the Baltic Sea were detected last week in Denmark and Sweden’s exclusive economic zones.

Both governments, the European Union and Nato have blamed the leaks on sabotage.

The Kremlin has dismissed veiled suggestions that Russia was behind the damage as “foolish and absurd.”

The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline has been inoperative for a month. Operations first stopped for “routine maintenance work” and later over an alleged oil leak that Russia says it cannot repair due to Western sanctions imposed due to the war in Ukraine.

Although neither pipeline is operational after Berlin froze the Nord Stream 2 project — which would have doubled the flow of gas from Russia to Germany — over the war in Ukraine, the pipelines are filled with gas and a stable pressure must be maintained. EFE


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