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Gerd Leonhard: ChatGPT has a impact similar to the invention of the Internet

Palma (Spain), May 10 (EFE).- Futurist and technology expert Gerd Leonhard compared the possible impact of the ChatGPT generative artificial intelligence service to the appearance of the Internet in the 1990s, saying that we are facing “the first application that is very good at simulating” human language and behavior.

In an interview with Agencia EFE, within the framework of the CON-X 2023 conference held on Wednesday in Palma (Spain), the German speaker explained that ChatGPT “uses the entire database of the world” to offer its solutions, which makes it a very powerful tool.

In fact, Leonhard is concerned that ChatGPT “has too much power” and users can become “lazy and misinformed,” and that we expect machines to do too many tasks, without checking the results or diminishing the creativity that human personality brings.

“A human with a great tool will beat a human without a tool like AI because they can do the job better. But a tool like AI will never beat a human because there is no sense in what it is doing” he said, adding that it is also necessary to accelerate the creation of regulations for new technologies.

This, he believes, would prevent companies from entering this field “just to see who makes the most money.”

Among the measures he proposes, for example, is to make clear in content produced by tools such as ChatGPT the percentage made by artificial intelligence, “to know that there are still humans behind the work.”

With the theme ‘Uncut: Now It’s Personal’, CON-X 23, organized by TravelgateX, aims to look at how new technologies, analytical and social data management, and personalization affect the tourism industry.

In his speech, Gerd Leonhard stated that we will continue to travel as long as we need to feel, touch, or smell, since “we are not machines based on data, images, and simulations, we are humans who like experiences, relationships and be together with other people.”

For him, technologies will make routine tasks more efficient, but any job requiring human judgment or understanding is “very difficult” for a machine.

“A robot will be able to do jobs like driving, booking tickets, making schedules for traveling, and giving travel advice, but I always say that if I talk to an expert on Mallorca for advice on what to do, I will get much better advice than any search or technology,” he said.

Regarding the tourism industry and the generalized fear of job loss, he wanted to make it clear that “if you work like a robot, a robot will take your job,” which is why he has recommended people to be “special” that is, not only to develop technical skills but also “humanistic.” EFE



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