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German ambassador detained in Brazil on suspicion of killing her husband

Rio de Janeiro (EFE). Police detained a German diplomat on Saturday on suspicion of murdering her Belgian husband, who died under mysterious circumstances a day ago.

Uwe Herbert Hahn, a diplomat, served as a consul at the German embassy in Rio.

She had been married to the 53-year-old Belgian Walter Henri Maximilien Biot for 23 years — the last four of those in Rio.

Investigators discovered inconsistencies in the German consul’s testimony and early forensic findings on Biot’s death, leading to her arrest.

Medical and legal specialists concluded that Biot had suffered abuse before his death, per police commissioner Camila Lourenzo.

“His body bore signs of injuries,” Lourenzo claimed, “There were blood stains all over the house.”

He stated that it seemed that Biot had been struck in the head by a heavy object.

The consul had reported to the authorities that her husband had fallen and felt ill.

“The version offered by the consul that the victim tripped and fell conflicts with the findings of expert assessment,” the commissioner stated.

“That is why we arrested her for homicide. There is evidence to conclude that a violent death occurred.”

The German diplomat phoned the emergency services on Friday, alleging that her husband had fallen in their apartment in the upscale Rio de Janeiro area of Ipanema.

When the rescuers got to the residence, he had already died.

They summoned the cops after seeing that some of the injuries were not consistent with a fall, despite the diplomat’s insistence that it was sudden death.

At least 30 injuries were discovered on the victim’s legs, neck, buttocks, and torso, according to investigators.

“Some of the injuries were not recent. They were at least two days old, indicating that the victim had been subjected to some form of violence,” the commissioner stated.

The German was told of her arrest when she was providing testimony at the police headquarters.

However, it is uncertain if she will be detained.

Police spokespersons declined to comment on whether the accused’s rank and position at the embassy provide diplomatic immunity. EFE


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