German chancellor says will do ‘everything’ to prevent Russia-NATO war

Buenos Aires, Jan 28 (EFE).- German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Saturday he would do everything possible to avert a war between Russia and NATO member states, despite his government promising Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine to defend against the Russian invasion.

“We have done everything to prevent an escalation of this war that leads to a conflict between Russia and the NATO states. We are going to do everything so that this does not happen,” Scholz said.

He spoke at a joint press conference with Argentina President Alberto Fernández at the San Martín Palace in Buenos Aires.

Germany announced Wednesday that it would deliver 14 Leopard type 2A6 battle tanks and allow allies like Poland to re-export theirs.

The United States also promised to send 31 of its Abrams tanks to Ukraine before Britain chipped in with its Challenger 2 tanks.

Scholz insisted that though it was a conflict “between Russia and Ukraine” that would not prevent Germany or other countries from supporting Kyiv with humanitarian and financial aid or by sending arms.

The German chancellor said he discussed the Ukraine war with Fernández.

Questioned about his position regarding the shipment of tanks to Ukraine, Fernández said that the German chancellor was aware of the Argentine position.

He affirmed that Latin American countries “are not thinking of sending weapons to Ukraine or anywhere else.”

“It is an issue that we have to work on together. In the northern hemisphere, missiles fly and people die, but in the southern hemisphere this has an impact with higher costs and hunger,” he said.

“What I want is for Russia to understand the damage that all this is causing it to the southern hemisphere.”

He said he would not comment on the decisions of other countries.

“But what I am sure is that…I want peace to be restored as soon as possible.”

The two leaders also discussed economic issues.

Argentina highlighted its potential in food and energy resources and Germany showed its interest in investing in projects.

The German chancellor began his official visit to Argentina on Saturday, the first since he took office in December 2021.

The South American tour will also take him to Chile and Brazil. EFE


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