Germany fears thousands may have received saline solution instead of vaccine

Berlin, Aug 12 (EFE).- Over 8,500 people in Germany have been called to get vaccinated again over suspicions that a nurse injected a saline solution instead of the Covid-19 vaccine to people at a vaccination center in Friesland.

The 40 year-old nurse had admitted in April that she had given a harmless saline solution to six people to cover up having accidentally dropped a vaccine vial on the floor.

But her lawyer denied on Thursday accusations that the women had intentionally inoculated people with a saline solution due to political motivations, adding it was a one-off incident.

But after the investigation could not determine whether the nurse had acted only once, local authorities called some 8,500 people to repeat their vaccination.

The nurse’s motive remains unclear even though police said the woman had posted skeptical views on the Covid-19 vaccine on social media. EFE


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