Germany’s social democrats approve coalition agreement

Berlin, Dec 4 (EFE).- Germany’s Social Democratic party on Saturday approved the coalition agreement with the Greens and Free Democrats (FDP) during a party conference.

Close to 99% of the delegates, 98.8%, voted in favor of the coalition, with 598 yes votes and only seven votes against and three abstentions.

The likely future chancellor, Olaf Scholz, vice-chancellor and finance minister under Angela Merkel, called on delegates to vote in favor of the coalition in a speech prior to the vote. “Progress defines us all, SPD, FDP, the Greens and we distinguish ourselves from others on the opposition bench because we have a vision,” Scholz told party members.

Scholz said the first task of the new government was to protect the health of citizens and fight the pandemic as Germany experiences a new wave of Covid-19 infections amid stagnating vaccination rates.

The SPD is the first of the three parties to endorse the coalition agreement.

The Liberals are scheduled to vote on the agreement Sunday and Monday is the last day the Greens will have to make their vote as they poll their members.

If there are no setbacks, the government pact could be signed on December 7 and Scholz, who has not yet announced the names of his party’s ministers, would be sworn in as Chancellor the following day. EFE


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