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Ghani says Facebook page hacked after Taliban recognition post

Kabul, Sep 27 (EFE).- Self-exiled Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Monday claimed that unknown hackers had hacked his Facebook page after a post sought global recognition of the Taliban government.

A former aide, speaking on condition of anonymity to EFE, said the social media page of the former president was “hacked and misused by opportunists.”

Ghani’s Twitter page also said the “official Facebook page of Ghani has been hacked.”

“The content published from yesterday (Sunday) onwards on the Facebook page is not valid,” Ghani tweeted from his handle.

The new-deleted statement posted on the Facebook page urged the global leaders to join hands with the Taliban for “a prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan.”

It said it was a “bitter truth that we and our previous cabinet do not even have one percent of power in hand.”

“Still some countries encourage and incite former ambassadors and representatives for their own agendas and create new crisis in the country.”

It said ambassadors and representatives claiming to speak for Afghanistan do not represent the current government and the nation.

The post noted that Ghulam M. Isaczai, the United Nations ambassador from Afghanistan’s toppled government, neither represents the nation nor the government.

“The international community, instead of distancing itself from Afghanistan, should interact with the current government, provide it assistance, release the frozen funds, and officially recognize it.”

The post urged the international community “they must extend a hand of friendship” to the government if they wanted “a prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan.”

“They will not bring it by force under their influence as was proven in the past 20 years.”

The post quoted the ex-president saying that some of his friends would not agree with his views.

“You know I always speak clearly. I really feel ashamed that Isaczai is talking on behalf of me or Afghanistan.” EFE


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