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Google Exec on AI: “Let’s go fast, but calmly”

La Coruña, Spain, May 4 (EFE).- Google’s Senior Director of Engineering and AI Research Strategy, Pilar Manchón, on Thursday stressed the need to rethink the pace of AI development, suggesting that the best approach is to think, “Let’s go fast, but calmly.”

During her talk “Evolution of Artificial Intelligence for 2030,” presented at the ‘Ecosystems 2030’ technology forum in the northwestern Spanish city of La Coruña, she noted the necessity to “distinguish sources of truth” in a digital environment where all players are “in a hurry to get there.” She pointed out that this is undoubtedly one of the main concerns.

Manchón added that managing all the available online information and knowledge requires a “responsibility to improve” from both “companies” and “academics.” Consequently, she continued, there is a need for a path whose materialization is backed by the required “regulation.”

Under the motto ‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied,’ Manchón highlighted that countries like China and the United States are already taking action on AI matters. She believes that their legislative approach could serve as a roadmap for other countries.

Among the measures that should be addressed, she specified, are the “boundary between generative models, harmful content generated by AI, and the burden of how these tools connect with us.”

Manchón emphasized that another question arising within the engineering sector is whether it is “appropriate to anthropomorphize.” In her view, there are “no limits” to humanizing within AI, an observation followed by her reiteration that there are “good things in bringing new entities to these (eco)systems.”

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt,” she told the audience.

With this in mind, she encouraged shedding “arrogance” within the sector and urged for “more investment in responsible research.”

This process, she emphasized, must be managed “calmly,” but should be adopted, given that continuing with the current dynamic will cause us to “lose track of where we are.”

Ecosystems 2030, dubbed the Davos of technology, celebrates its third edition, the second consecutive one in La Coruña, with over a hundred participants and the purpose of analyzing how Artificial Intelligence will affect current economic and social models. EFE


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