Greece suffers through historic heat wave

Athens, Aug 3 (EFE).- A generational heat wave in Greece was expected to reach its peak on Tuesday as authorities continue to battle multiple forest fires in the country.

Monday saw temperatures of 46 degrees Celsius, breaking a record set in 1987 when a similar heat wave in late July left some 1,300 people dead in the country.

According to Greek Civil Protection, all prevention systems are on high alert, especially air and ground control of areas where fires might occur, although the risk of blazes is very high across most of the country.

For several days, firefighters have been fighting to extinguish a fire on the island of Rhodes.

The Greek Electricity Distribution Operator announced intermittent power cuts in some parts of the country on Tuesday, especially in the capital region of Attica, in order to avoid a widespread blackout when temperatures are expected to be between 44 and 46 degrees.

The Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, appealed to the population to limit unnecessary electricity consumption as much as possible.

Throughout the country, air-conditioned rooms have been set up, open all day, so that vulnerable groups in particular can take shelter from the heat.

After a ground temperature of 55 degrees was recorded, the Acropolis of Athens announced that for the duration of the heat wave it would shorten its opening hours and close at 5pm instead of 8pm.

The Athens Medical Association has called on the population to take the heat wave seriously and urged citizens not to travel during the hottest hours, to drink plenty of water, to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and to shower frequently with lukewarm water.

According to experts, the weather conditions are particularly dangerous, especially because the nights are also extremely hot, with temperatures barely dropping below 30 degrees.

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