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Greenpeace protests CAP reform in front of European Parliament

Brussels, May 26 (EFE).- Greenpeace activists on Wednesday painted the entrance to the European Parliament green in protest against reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy that are expected to be approved this week.

The bloc’s members are hoping to agree on reforms to the CAP, which will regulate European agriculture between 2023 and 2027, at a three-way summit between the European Commission, the Council and the Parliament that started on Tuesday.

At the rally, activists urged the bloc’s member states to support small farmers and to transition towards extensive and autonomous livestock farming.

“The main problem for us is intensive agriculture and factory farming,” Sebastian Snoeck, a Greenpeace activist told Efe.

“We have to reduce the number of animals because they contribute to the climate crisis and the CAP will continue to give a lot of money to intensive meat production,” he added.

The PAC is inconsistent with the goals set out by the European Commission’s Green Deal, including improving food production and minimizing the use of chemicals in the process, he said.

Despite promises, “there is not any amendment in this CAP that the Green Pact will be respected,” he added.

Calling for fairer aid distribution, he also criticized the funding of European agricultural policies, which ends up in the hands of a small number of farmers.

“It is known that 20 percent of farms are benefiting from 80 percent of this money and with almost no conditions to respect nature,” he said.

The EU members have yet to reach an agreement on how to continue facilitating the distribution of the aid. EFE

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