Guatemala asks the US, Mexico to open markets as way to curb mass migration

By Alida Juliani

Madrid, Apr 19  (EFE).- Guatemala’s President Alejandro Giammattei is calling on the United States and Mexico to open their markets to help end mass migration with “structural change” that tackles the root causes of the issue.

“Migration has to be addressed between the United States, Mexico and Guatemala,” Giammattei told Efe in an exclusive interview in Madrid.

“It has to be done structurally, we cannot continue the current rhythm with aid that has not served much use, that in the end does not reach the community, does not make them more productive, does not give them access to the markets.”

The Guatemalan leader, who on Wednesday will take part in the Ibero-American Conference in Andorra, defended his country’s stance on migration.

“The former government of the United States did not understand it,” he said, adding it had found more resonance with Joe Biden’s administration.

“Migration happens because people don’t have healthcare, education, security, housing or work. People don’t go there to visit Mickey Mouse, they go because they have to meet their needs, which is why we have to address the structural cause of migration,” he added.

He said the Guatemalan government has raised a series of proposals with the US, which are based on the idea of “walls of prosperity.”

“Not like the wall Donald Trump built, which has not served any purpose,” he added. “A wall of prosperity will more easily help stop migration, and it means that we open our markets to each other.”

This way, Giammattei said, the Central American country could generate 100,000 jobs in the clothing industry in the space of a year, the produce of which would be destined for the US.

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