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Guatemalan migrant, 13, who died in Mexico wanted to learn English

Joyabaj, Guatemala, Jan 14 (EFE).- The remains of Wilson Ramos, a 13-year-old Guatemalan migrant, were buried Friday in a town in northwestern Guatemala.

Ramos died in a transit accident in Mexico on Dec.9, an incident in which 55 other people also lost their lives.

“He left because he wanted to study and learn many languages. He dreamed of speaking English,” Wilson’s sister, Karina Ramos, told EFE in Quiche department, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) northwest of Guatemala City.

The remains of Ramos and 19 other Guatemalans were repatriated on Thursday from Mexico, and the following day, they were buried in the village of El Boqueron, in the municipality of Joyabaj, in Quiche.

Ramos’ sister explained that several relatives were waiting for him in the United States.

Apart from the teenager, two other migrants who died in the accident in southeastern Mexico were buried on Friday in El Boqueron de Quiche village, namely Alicia Huarcas, 16, and Pedro Ximun, 33.

The accident occurred on a road in Chiapas state in southeastern Mexico, when a trailer carrying migrants hit the wall of a pedestrian bridge, allegedly because the driver lost control while speeding.

In total, the bodies of 38 Guatemalans killed in the accident have been repatriated from Mexico, including those from Thursday.

The Mexican authorities confirmed 56 people dead and 120 injured in the collision. Although most of them were Guatemalans, there were also people from El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.

The more than 150 migrants being transported in the truck were looking to cross Mexico into the United States, in search of better living conditions.

Every year, more than 500,000 people from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras make this journey to try and enter the US to escape violence and poverty, according to estimates by experts and officials. EFE


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