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Guggenheim Museum brings roaring 20s to life

Bilbao, Spain, May 6 (EFE).- The rampant creativity and debauchery that marked the ‘Roaring Twenties’ a century ago are being showcased at an art exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in the northern Spanish city of Bilbao.

During a presentation on Thursday, Calixto Bieito, the theater director in charge of the exhibition’s scenography, called it “a hymn to freedom, to creativity”.

The exhibition, which runs until Sept. 19, features artists like German painters Christian Schad and Grethe Jürgens.

Paintings, sculptures, drawings, garments, and furniture are among the more than 300 objects on display at the exhibit, which is jointly organized by Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Kunsthaus Zürich.

It highlights the juxtaposition between the current decade and the 1920s when society was emerging from the Spanish flu pandemic and caught up in the post-World War great recession.

The opening of the exhibition was delayed by the novel coronavirus pandemic a year ago when its organizers were planning to commemorate the centenary of the roaring twenties, a notable period of “by the desire to live, the artistic explosion of creativity and the desire for innovation, according to Juan María Vidarte, the museum’s director.

The exhibition focuses on the transformation of the European culture at that time, according to the organizers.

It brings visitors closer to cities such as Berlin, Paris, Vienna, and Zurich, where great changes were taking place.

Visitors can tour seven rooms, under the titles of “Goodbye to the Trauma of War”, “New Roles, New Models”, and “The Fashion Revolution”, among others.

Bieito said the exhibition is “full of life”, with “colors that had never been seen in an exhibition” and its aim to “stimulate the imagination of people.”

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