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Haitians demand justice in streets, one year after Moise murder

Port-au-Prince, Jul 7 (EFE).- Several hundred supporters of former Haitian president, Jovenel Moise, demonstrated Thursday in the streets of Port-au-Prince to demand justice on the anniversary of the ruler’s assassination by a group of armed men in his own residence.

The demonstrators were accompanied by a group of popular music that animated the atmosphere throughout the route.

“They are bad, they hurt us,” referring to the government, said one of those who walked through several streets during the march, whose activists also carried banners with protest slogans.

“Justice for President Jovenel,” read the white T-shirts worn by some of the protesters.

The march was organized to commemorate the first year of Moise’s assassination, on Jul. 7, 2021 at his private residence in Port-au-Prince.

The demonstration began at Carrefour de l’Aeroport towards Pelerin 5, where the residence is located. When they arrived in Petion-ville, they threw stones at members of the National Police who prevented them from going up to Pelerin 5 to lay a wreath.

A year after the assassination, Haiti still does not know the people responsible for Moise’s assassination, since the investigation has been paralyzed for a long time.

Haiti’s government recalled the murder Thursday. In a ceremony at the National Pantheon Museum, Prime Minister Ariel Henry accredited officials and diplomats in the country, paid tribute to Moise.

The president “wanted to, in his own way, change the course of our history,” Henry said, adding that democracy “takes a big hit when a president is assassinated.”

Earlier, Moise’s widow, Martine Moise, and her two children went to the National Pantheon, where a mausoleum was erected in honor of the president. EFE


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