Haley says she would pardon Trump if elected US president

Los Angeles, United States, Jan 18 (EFE).- Former United States United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley said Thursday she would pardon former President Donald Trump if she was elected to lead the country.

Haley said during a public debate hosted by CNN in the state of New Hampshire – the second stop of the conservative primaries – that she would take the measure if Trump was convicted of any of the four court cases and 91 charges he faces.

“This is no longer about whether he’s innocent or guilty. This is about the fact that ‘How do we bring the country back together?’” Haley said about her rival for the Republican presidential nomination.

The candidate, who came third in Monday’s Iowa caucuses, said she is “determined to make sure all of this division and all of this chaos goes away, and I think a pardon for him would make all of that go away.”

Haley said she would only pardon the former president if convicted and wouldn’t take preemptive action, adding that “everything needs to play out.”

Trump, who won 51 percent of Monday’s vote, is the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in a distant second place with 21.2 percent of the votes, followed by Haley, who obtained 19.1 percent of the votes.

Polls for Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire have Trump ahead with Haley a close second, thanks in part to the support she has from the state’s Governor Chris Sununu, who appeared alongside her at various events this week.

Haley is also appealing for the vote of young moderates and independents to challenge for the nomination and believes she would stand a chance after New Hampshire if she later exceeds expectations in South Carolina, where she was governor between 2011 and 2017.

ABC organized another debate between the candidates in New Hampshire, but had to cancel it Tuesday after Haley refused to participate if Trump wasn’t present. The former US president has chosen not to attend any of these televised debates.

Trump participated in a series of events Thursday and downplayed Haley’s chances, adding that Sununu’s support is in vain.

Trump had previously made a baseless claim on his social network Truth Social that Haley is ineligible to run, saying her parents were not US citizens at the time of her birth. The former governor of South Carolina, where she was born, is eligible to the presidency by birthright.

“I know President Trump well,” Haley said in response to the claims. “That’s what he does when he feels threatened. That’s what he does when he feels insecure.” EFE


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