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Hamas official predicts imminent ceasefire in Israel-Gaza conflict

Jerusalem, May 20 (EFE).- A senior Hamas official has predicted a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict that entered its 11th day on Thursday.

Mousa Abu Marzouk said he expected the ceasefire to happen within a couple of days, even though Israel, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, continued its attack on Gaza.

“I think that the ongoing efforts regarding the ceasefire will succeed,” Marzuq said in a statement late Wednesday as international pressure increases calling for a halt to the fighting.

As the international community’s ceasefire efforts intensify, Netanyahu summoned a security cabinet meeting, an Israeli official confirmed to Efe, giving no further details about its exact time or what it will discuss.

Israel has dismissed proposals of ceasefire so far. Netanyahu said Wednesday he was determined to continue with the military operation until peace and security had been restored to Israel’s citizens.

The United Nations secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, on Thursday again called for an immediate ceasefire between Israelis and Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.

“Indiscriminate attacks, and attacks against civilians and civilian property, are violations of the laws of war,” Guterres said in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas met with the Israeli authorities Thursday in an effort to mediate between both parties.

During a meeting with Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Maas said hoped for a solution to put an end to the recent wave of hostilities.

However, he blamed Hamas for the intensified violence and reiterated Germany’s support for Israel’s right to defend itself.

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