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Hamas releases video of Israeli hostage, first proof of life of Gaza hostages

Jerusalem, Oct 16 (EFE). – The Islamist group Hamas on Monday released a video of an Israeli hostage captured in Gaza, who is among the 200 to 250 hostages in the Strip as the armed conflict between Israel and Palestinian militias in the enclave continues.

The young woman, identified as Maya Sham, was abducted “early Saturday morning” as she left the party near Gaza where at least 260 people were violently killed and others captured in the Hamas land, sea and air assault that took Israel by surprise.

“You have taken care of me, given me medicine.

All I ask is that you take me back to my family, my parents, my brothers, as soon as possible.

Please get me out of here as soon as possible,” said Maya, 21, from the Israeli town of Shoham.

In the video, the young woman lies on a bed with an injured arm as a health worker wraps a bandage around her. She explained that her hand was “severely injured” during the attack, after which she was taken to Gaza, where she said she was treated for three hours. Israel reported Monday that it had notified the families of the 199 people abducted by Hamas and other Palestinian militias in Gaza, army spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed.

Israeli forces have carried out intense bombardment of the Strip over the past 10 days, killing at least 26 Israeli hostages, according to Hamas, although it has provided no evidence.

The video was released shortly after another in which Abu Obeida, a Hamas spokesman, announced that the group plans to release foreign hostages held in Gaza.

Abu Obeida stated that the hostages are considered his “guests” and that they will be released when “conditions on the ground” are met.

According to him, Hamas has captured 200 people, while other militias have captured at least 50 more.

The spokesman also reported that more than 20 of the abductees had been killed in Israeli bombings.

Palestinian militias have demanded the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in exchange for the return of hostages in the Strip.



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