Hindus seek salvation from coronavirus with cow urine in India

By Indira Guerrero

New Delhi, Mar 14 (efe-epa).- Dozens of Hindus on Saturday gathered together seeking protection from the coronavirus despite a ban on mass public meetings in New Delhi earlier this week.

At the front of the crowd a Hindu leader begged “save me mother cow” before swallowing a gulp of fetid drink.

His fellow worshippers gathered for the Gaumutra party in which they drink the urine of cows, considered as gods in the Hindu faith, for protection from the coronavirus outbreak.

At the headquarters of the All-India Hindu Grand-Assembly, a right-wing party in charge of protecting the religion, a group of musicians played as attendees drank the cow urine one by one with the phrase “save us” being repeated.

Shortly afterwards, they all ate on the ground, passing the food around by hand against all recommendations from the World Health Organization.

“This coronavirus which is spread across the world, meat-consumption should be stopped,” Swami Chakrapani the organization’s leader said.

“Animal slaughter should be stopped; cow urine should be consumed so they will not get infected by it.”

He said that “all universal elements are in cow urine”.

According to his teachings, cows are the mothers of the Universe in which 330 million gods inhabit.

Cow slaughter is penalized in the country by law.

“Everything will be okay. Live and let live. God resides in every living being hence everyone has a right to live,” he added.People are only a part of humanity if they have not killed any animal “then there will not be any coronavirus,” he added

“We got coronavirus because we eat meat and as revenge this disease was born.”

With this conviction, based on traditional medicine, the cow is the mother of the world and “cow urine is not just urine but nectar it has all the elements of the world,” he said.

“Ganga resides in cow urine and Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth) resides in cow dung.”

Among the men clad in saffron religious outfits was a Muslim H.S Bhutto Khan, who said he thinks the cow urine works not only against the coronavirus but “even the most fatal diseases”.

“Regular intake of cow urine helps in boosting our immunity. And the viruses are destroyed,” he added.

“Look, health and life, be it Muslim, Sikh or Christian, this is essential for humankind. When everything fails, people leave it to that higher being, to god, but the cow is one such divine animal… if we make medicine… we can cure all the disease with the help of a cow.”

After 10 years of consumption, Khan got used to the urine, which “tastes a bit sharp… just as when we drink salty water,” he added.

For a decade, he has been drinking 10 millilitres of urine every day, which he said has cured him of dengue, and became the only reason why he feels strong and healthy at 50 years old.

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