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Hipsters reclaiming the communist aesthetics, brands of Romania’s past

Bucharest, Apr 20 (EFE).- The aesthetics of communist Romania, an era characterized by oppression and deprivation, are being reclaimed by hipsters more than three decades after the death of dictator Nicolae Ceau?escu.

These groups of young people are reclaiming brands such as bicycle company Pegas, which all but disappeared after the overthrow of the communist regime in 1989.

This brand, which featured in the childhood of millions of Romanians, has thrived during the coronavirus pandemic.

Andrei Botescu, who revived the company in 2012, told Efe that sales had gone up 30% since last May.

“I think people have a lot of energy when they see the bikes. The nostalgia is very strong because the childhood of Romanians is connected to Pegas bikes,” he said.

Pegas bicycles were first produced in 1972 at an arms factory, inspired — like many other models — by the legendary Harley Davidson motorcycles.

“Now I think everybody again likes the Pegas, even the new generations,” he added.

Beatrice Pirtac, 24, is passionate about bicycles and agrees with him.

The creative industry professional told Efe that the Pegas bicycles are more artistic than other modern models.

The list of revived brands from the communist era includes ROM, a rum-flavored chocolate product that was launched by a state-owned factory in 1962, and the Grivita beer.

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