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Homes destroyed as fire breaks out near Athens

Athens, Jul 20 (EFE).- A large fire broke out Wednesday in the Attica region around the Greek capital Athens, burning homes in a village west of the center of the city.

Another fire that broke out Tuesday northeast of the city is almost under control.

The blaze that broke out at noon on Wednesday in Megara, which was also ravaged during last year’s major fires, is burning an area of shrubs and pine trees, while the nearby hamlets of Zajuli and Papagianeika were evacuated in the afternoon.

According to a statement issued by the Fire Brigade, 95 firefighters have been deployed in the area, as well as seven airplanes and helicopters.

The fire is spreading to the south and west, with firefighters working to ensure it does not reach the much more populated town of Aleppojori, which was devastated in 2021 by the flames.

Meanwhile, the large fire that broke out on Tuesday on Penteli mountain, about 20 kilometers northeast of the Greek capital, is in decline. Spokesman for the Fire Department, Yannis Artopios, told a press conference that while there is no active front, there are small outbreaks that troops are still trying to extinguish.

The fire destroyed at least 10 homes in the hamlet of Drafi, and caused serious damage to buildings in nearby villages.

More than 30 people, including three firefighters, were admitted to hospital in Athens with respiratory problems and minor injuries, as well as three citizens with burns of varying degrees.

In the last 24 hours, 56 forest fires have broken out in Greece, most of which were brought under control before spreading. EFE


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