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Homestead’s cybrarium, a library with a futuristic twist

By Ana Mengotti

Miami, May 10 (EFE).- The city of Homestead in Florida has become the first place in the world to host a cybrarium.

The high-tech library offers a collection of library books, virtual reality experiences, 3D printing, and a theater to watch movies in a futuristic environment.

Director, Rino Landa, takes Efe on a tour inside the cybrarium, which was inaugurated less than a month ago in a former library building.

“Many of the city dwellers do not have access to new technologies in their homes,” Landa says, highlighting the community service provided by the cybrarium.

The cybrarium helps Homestead residents “live a life full of interest and opportunity,” according to Landa, who was born in Mexico and raised in Florida.

Zackery Good, an assistant to the city manager, explains to Efe that Homestead, with some 75,000 inhabitants, mostly Hispanics, had a vision of changing the concept of libraries.

Landa says that young and old alike are amazed by the cybrarium’s virtual reality stations.

With their backs to the screen, children put on headsets and play virtual reality games in an open space, while adults get inside closed spaces to play or enjoy virtual reality experiences such as a walk through New York’s skyscrapers.

The decoration in the library’s children’s section is inspired by robots from the early years of the 20th century, while the second floor has a futuristic theme that similar to those in the works of novelists such as Jules Verne or films like Metropolis.

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