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Honduras has pending debts with LGBTI community: rights org

Tegucigalpa, Jul 28 (EFE).- Honduras has “many pending debts” with the LGBTI community, although the new government offers “more openness,” the Tegucigalpa coordinator of the Cristosal humanitarian organization said Thursday.

“We believe that more action is needed, not just staying in the discourse, we must return to many things that are pending and many pending debts with the LGBTI community in the country,” Andrea Portillo told EFE.

She added that until now, Cristosal, which operates in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, has seen “certain things that have been fulfilled in the discourse, but action is still lacking,” alluding to multiple violations of the rights of the people of the LBGTI community.

She said the Honduran government headed by Xiomara Castro “has had a greater openness, at least in discourse, until now, to work with the LGBTI community and with other human rights sectors, including civil society organizations.”

She said there is a clear difference, if the present government is compared with the previous three, in which the now opposition National Party of Honduras held power for 12 years.

Portillo said the Inter-American Court of Human Rights condemned in June 2021 the State of Honduras as internationally responsible for the death of Vicky Hernandez, a transgender woman, sex worker and well-known activist, in June 2009.

But the sentence is not being fulfilled, even though the new government recognized international responsibility for the crime in May.

“Until now we have seen certain things that have been fulfilled in the speech, but the action is still missing,” she said. EFE


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