Honduras nationalist president congratulates leftist Xiomara on election win

Tegucigalpa, Dec 1 (EFE).- Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández Wednesday congratulated leftist Xiomara Castro, set to become the first female head of the South American country with more than half of the ballots cast in Nov.28 polls counted so far.

In a message broadcast on the national radio and television network, the president also felicitated his compatriots “for the massive participation in the last elections.”

He said their show of civility had strengthened the Honduras democracy with an apparent clear mandate easing fears of possible election-related violence and a re-poll.

Hernández reiterated that the commitment of his government “to achieve a peaceful and democratic transition still stands.”

“The will of Hondurans is sacred,” the president said.

He recognized and thanked the work and support of all national and foreign observers and international organizations that validated the transparency of the Honduran electoral process.

Hernández noted that the electoral process went on in an orderly manner and peace and with very few incidents.

It was an example for the world as recognized by international observers.

The National Electoral Council has counted more than 52 percent of votes. The count has indicated that Castro was on the way to a landslide victory.

“I want to congratulate her for her electoral victory. I want to congratulate all the other deputy and mayoral candidates. Their participation has kept our democracy alive,” Hernández emphasized.

Castro is set to defeat Nasry Asfura of the ruling National Party.

Hernández came to power on Jan.27, 2014.

The outgoing president said his cabinet would continue to work responsibly until the end of the current constitutional period.

He said he had already formed a transition team to facilitate the new government that will assume power on Jan.27 on time.

“I am confident that the new government will continue to consolidate the progress this administration has made in the last eight years. We are going to continue fighting the (Covid-19) pandemic.”

He stressed that the country could not afford to lower the guard since the new strain Covid-19 strain Omicron was lurking.

The president said Honduras would close 2021 “with a record, historical 9 to 10 percent growth rate based on statistics from the central bank and international organizations.

According to the latest poll count, Castro had secured 1.082 million votes (52.31 percent).

Asfura, her closest rival, had polled 718,000 (35 percent).

The electoral body had counted 2.2 million votes from 5.18 million ballots cast in the election on Sunday that saw a record participation of 68.76 percent eligible voters in a country of 9.5 million people. EFE

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