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Huge sperm whale found dead in Indonesia’s Bali

Jakarta, Apr 6 (EFE).- An 18-meter sperm whale was removed from a beach in Bali after it was found stranded and dead, Indonesian authorities said on Thursday.

The regional disaster management agency said the whale was initially trapped on a beach in Klungkung Regency in the southeast of the popular holiday island, before emergency units and volunteers pulled it back into the water.

However, it died after it washed ashore again hours later.

A necropsy test is underway to determine the whale’s cause of death, the authorities said.

Preliminary information from Bali’s natural resources conservation agency showed it could have been stranded due to high tide, weather or fatigue.

Sperm whales, the world’s largest predators, are “vulnerable” to extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

In 2018, a sperm whale was found dead in Indonesia with more than 100 plastic cups and 25 plastic bags in its stomach, raising concerns about marine litter in the country, the world’s second-largest contributor to marine plastic pollution after China.EFE


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