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Hugh Jackman undergoes two biopsies after new skin cancer scare

Sydney, Australia, Apr 4 (EFE).- Australian actor Hugh Jackman announced Tuesday that he has undergone two biopsies for basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer that has haunted him for years.

“I’ve just had two biopsies done,” Jackman said in a video on Instagram, in which he is wearing a small nose bandage.

The actor said he recently visited his doctor, who saw the “little things (that) could be or could not be basal cell.”

“I’ll find out in two or three days and as soon as I know, I’ll let you know,” said the 54-year-old actor, who is preparing to play Wolverine, a character from the “X-Men” film franchise, in “Deadpool 3.”

This carcinoma, which often appears as a slightly transparent bump on the head or neck and is believed to be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun or ultraviolet radiation, “in the world of skin cancers is the least dangerous of them all,” the actor said.

Jackman, who has undergone six skin cancer procedures since 2013, also made a plea to his fans to use sunscreen.

“Summer is coming for those of us here in the northern hemisphere. Please wear sunscreen. It is just not worth it. No matter how much you want a tan. Trust me,” he said.

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Two out of three people in the country develop some form of skin cancer, according to the nonprofit, Skin Check Champions. EFE


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