Human rights organizations denounce ‘enforced disappearance’ of Venezuelan activist

Washington, Feb 12 (EFE). – Local and international human rights organizations on Monday denounced the “forced disappearance” of Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel, president of the NGO Control Ciudadano (Citizen Control).

San Miguel was detained on Friday at the Maiquetía International Airport near Caracas while traveling with her daughter, and her whereabouts are still unknown.

In a statement released on Monday, 204 organizations and 415 members of Venezuelan civil society denounced that she had been missing for more than 60 hours, expressed their “firm rejection of the arbitrary arrest” and demanded her “immediate release.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, through its X account, recalled that San Miguel is a beneficiary of precautionary measures and urged the Venezuelan State “to provide information on her whereabouts and to ensure respect for her legal rights and the presumption of innocence.”

Amnesty International (AI) also called for the activist’s “immediate and unconditional” release, as well as respect for her rights and the “precautionary measure of protection granted in her favor by the IACHR in 2012.”

On Monday, Juan González Taguaruco, San Miguel’s lawyer, told EFE that five of her relatives have also “disappeared” since her arrest.

The lawyer said that Miranda Díaz, the activist’s daughter; Miguel Ángel and Alberto San Miguel, the detainee’s brothers; Víctor Díaz, Miranda’s father; and Alejandro González, her ex-partner, were also allegedly been detained.

Relatives and neighbors of the family reported that the aforementioned had been approached by security forces in different locations and are now also missing, according to Taguaruco.

He assured that they still do not know San Miguel’s whereabouts, however, the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, on Sunday confirmed that she had been arrested for her alleged link to a conspiracy that supposedly included a plan to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro.

“Saab, through his X account, confirmed the detention of the defender and mentioned an alleged warrant for her arrest for allegedly being linked to conspiracy plots. However, her whereabouts are still unknown, the security agency responsible for her arrest is not known, nor has it been possible to verify her physical health and integrity,” said San Miguel’s lawyer.

He also told local media that on Monday morning San Miguel’s legal team visited several detention centers in Caracas, but no police force admitted to holding the activist.

Taguaruco added that they lost contact with San Miguel’s daughter over 48 hours ago. She was with her at the time of her arrest and informed her lawyers of the facts.EFE


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