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Hundreds evacuated in Slovenia after dam bursts

Belgrade, Aug 6 (EFE).- Hundreds of people in Slovenia have been evacuated after a dam broke following days of torrential rain that has caused severe flooding in most of the country.

Around 500 people were forced to abandon their homes in the village of Dolnja Bistrica, regional broadcaster N1 reported.

Firefighters were trying to prevent the crack in the dam from widening with special vehicles and concrete blocks transported by helicopters, but bad weather conditions were hampering the work.

Further deterioration of the dam could endanger 10 villages.

So far four people have died in the severe floods that have affected much of Slovenia since Thursday night and have left thousands without electricity and drinking water.

Several thousand are estimated to have been evacuated in the biggest floods in decades, amid fears of potential landslides.

The damage to road and energy infrastructure, hundreds of homes and buildings is expected to surpass 500 million euros ($550 million), according to initial assessments by authorities in the country of two million people.

The environmental agency Arso has reissued the red alert for the areas around the rivers Mura, Drava and Sava, although the water level did not rise overnight.

In the north, telephone and internet connections remain limited, numerous roads are closed throughout the country and several villages are cut off.EFE


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