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Hundreds marry in Mexico, Venezuela for Valentine’s Day

Mexico City/Caracas, Feb 14 (EFE).- Hundreds of couples got married at collective weddings Monday in Mexico and Venezuela on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

In the municipality of Nezahualcoyotl, in the central state of Mexico, hundreds of couples, several of whom had been living together for years, tied the knot despite the coronavirus pandemic and the presence of the highly contagious omicron variant in the country.

This was the first group ceremony to take place in this municipality during the pandemic since the event was held virtually last year.

The number of couples who attended the ceremony (661) was lower than other years, according to the municipality’s figures. The maximum number of marriages that have taken place at such an event in previous years stands at 1,200.

The veils, wedding dresses, flowers and ornaments were complemented by the masks that the couples wore at all times due to the pandemic that has already led to more than 5.2 million cases and 312,819 deaths in Mexico.

The couples, accompanied by witnesses and family members, were married for free and also had the option of having professional makeup done for the event, also offered free of charge by local beauty schools.

The event was held under Covid-19 protocols so each couple wore masks and antibacterial gel was distributed among the attendees.

The municipal authorities also raffled gifts and trips to the newly married couples.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Venezuelans celebrated Valentine’s Day with a collective wedding held at the iconic Plaza Altamira, in eastern Caracas.

Ten couples got married in front of about 300 people, including family members, friends and passers-by, who cheered them for taking the plunge.

The event was organized by the mayor’s office of Chacao, one of the five municipalities that make up Caracas, and included couples of all ages.

The couples were randomly selected and received the support of the local government, which was in charge of dressing up the bride and groom, decorating the space and the final toast.

The loudest cheers were reserved for Antonio Garcia and Mirian Aquino, a couple who decided to formalize their relationship after 33 years living together.

In contrast, Breinner Vanegas and Bárbara Cisneros, both 27 years old, were the youngest couple to take part in the event.

The organizers distributed masks among those gathered and sprayed antibacterial solution on their hands, from time to time. EFE


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