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Hundreds of pro-Russia protesters take to Belgrade’s streets

Belgrade, May 9 (EFE).- Hundreds of people on Monday took to Belgrade’s streets to show support for Russia in its invasion of Ukraine as they mark Victory in Europe Day.

A large banner reading ‘Immortal Regiment – Belgrade’ and photos of fallen fighters from WWII led the rally, while protesters held portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s and the letter Z, the pro-Moscow symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Among the protesters was government minister Nenad Popovic, several members of the co-ruling Socialist Party of Serbia and the Russian ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko.

Serbia and Russia “have always been on the right side of history,” Popovic was cited by local media as saying.

The Immortal Regiment march is held every 9 May in Belgrade to lay flowers at the cemetery of Soviet soldiers who participated in the liberation of the capital in from Nazi Germany on October 1944.

Serbia, a candidate country to join the European Union with historically close ties to Russia, has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine but has not joined the Western sanctions against Moscow.EFE


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