Hundreds protest in Lima, calling for the Peruvian president to step down

Lima, Jan 18 (EFE).- Hundreds of protesters gathered in Peru’s capital on Tuesday as thousands left southern regions to join the demonstrations in Lima and put pressure on the government and force President Dina Boluarte to resign amid months of street unrest that has killed dozens.

Some protesters individuals hurled objects at journalists covering the Lima march.

Protesters also battled with police, who dispersed them with tear gas rounds.

Local media reported that groups of protesters left southern Arequipa and Puno regions for Lima to join the anti-government demonstrations on Wednesday.

The street unrest since December has left 50 people dead. The demonstrations have spread to other cities as protesters have blocked major roads and highways.

The police reported 81 blockades, paralyzing 18 national highways in eight regions.

Boluarte said Tuesday that security forces would open the blocked roads as she waited for the protesters to arrive in Lima to discuss their social, if not political, claims.

The president said their political agenda “is unfeasible,” alluding to the fact that the protesters are calling for his resignation and the closure of Congress for fresh general elections and a constituent assembly.

Last week, Boluarte apologized if her government “made a mistake in finding peace and calm.”

She dismissed the calls for his resignation, vowing to continue to “promote dialog and social peace” to overcome the crises in the country.

So far, 41 protesters and a policeman have died in clashes between security forces and demonstrators.

Another eight people have died due to events related to the roadblocks. EFE


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