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Ifema presents its global mobility congress to Italian companies

Rome, Apr 6 (EFE).- Ifema Madrid Managing Director Eduardo López-Puertas presented in Rome to companies and institutions the extraordinary opportunity to promote sustainable mobility offered by the Global Mobility Call congress, a “global” event to be held in Madrid between June 14 and 16.

“It is the first time that from a holistic and transversal way sustainable and inclusive mobility is going to be addressed for everyone,” López-Puertas said in an interview with EFE.

“We want it to be an international and global event, one that can reach everyone,” he said, adding that more than 300 companies are to attend the congress.

Global Mobility Call, organized by Ifema Madrid and Smobhub, is to be held for the first time in June in the Spanish capital.

On Tuesday it was presented in Rome, after it was unveiled in Madrid in July 2021, and showcased at COP26 in Glasgow, Paris in December, Expo Dubai in January, and Lisbon in February.


The event was attended by a group of Italian entrepreneurs and institutional leaders who reflected on the development of sustainable mobility in the current economic and social context.

Among those present was the Italian Deputy Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, Alessandro Morelli, who told EFE that Italy and Spain should join forces and seek common goals to move forward together in the field of sustainable mobility.

“I believe that the congress in Madrid will be an opportunity for dialogue for Italy and Spain and I hope that it can also be extended to the whole of Europe because, unfortunately,” some countries “are investing in this field individually” and not following a common position in the European Union (EU).

The Head of the Global Division of e-Mobility at Enel, Elisabetta Ripa, told EFE about the importance of Italy and Spain investing more in the electrification of the automotive sector and in sustainable mobility, as both countries “are a little behind the European average.”

Speaking at the round table discussion entitled “Decarbonizing Mobility to Accelerate a Green Recovery,” Ripa said that “the energy transition will entail a transformation of the sector” and that it will be essential for workers to receive training so that traditional jobs change with this new reality.


Gianmarco Giorda, Managing Director of the National Association of the Automotive Industry (ANFIA), also took part in the debate and told EFE that one of the biggest problems in the electrification of the automotive industry is the lack of incentives for the purchase of new vehicles.

He said that the Italian government is working on the approval of an aid package of some 600-700 million euros to promote demand, an “important” amount because “there is a difference of 10,000 euros between an electric vehicle and an internal combustion vehicle and that must be compensated with state aid, otherwise demand drops significantly.”


The Global Mobility Call, which is sponsored and promoted by the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, will be a strategic event to position Spain as an international hub for future sustainable mobility.

It will have an exhibition space and a congress area for conferences and round table discussions, and the format will be hybrid, making it possible to attend in person or virtually from around the world via a digital platform. EFE


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