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Immersive Moon landing exhibit to kick off North American tour in Miami

Miami, Jan 11 (EFE).- Space Adventure, an immersive exhibition that will tour the United States and Canada to celebrate the arrival of man on the Moon, is set to kick off in Miami in April.

The multi-stage exhibit will feature more than 300 original NASA artifacts, including the Apollo 11 command module and the Moon Buggy lunar roving vehicle.

According to a press release published on Tuesday, Space Adventure is the “largest space exhibit ever seen” and will make its US debut on April 7 in Miami.

The exhibit will be housed in a specially designed megastructure that will be located in Maurice A. Ferre Park, a green space in the city’s downtown that was formerly known as Museum Park.

Besides the spacecraft that served as the command module during Apollo 11, the 1969 spaceflight that was the first to land humans on the Moon, and the Moon Buggy, the informal name for the Lunar Roving Vehicle used in the Apollo 15, 16, and 17 missions in the 1970s, the exhibit also will feature reduced-scale models of the Saturn V rocket and the Titan and Juno spacecrafts, as well as an authentic Moon rock.

Visitors to the exhibit will tour the so-called Control Room, which features the original computers from the NASA Space Center, as well as rooms that simulate the departure to and arrival on the Moon, sensory spaces and virtual reality experiences.

The exhibit combines education and entertainment and includes images and films documenting the different lunar missions over the years.

To add “more excitement and authenticity” to the experience, the spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) for Apollo 11, Charles Duke, will be present for the inauguration and share many of his memories and experiences.

Duke, now 86, was later the lunar module pilot for Apollo 16 and spent around 20 hours collecting roughly 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of lunar rock.

During that mission, he also conducted various scientific experiments in the most rugged geographic areas of the Moon’s surface, according to the press release.

The Space Adventure exhibit is a collaboration between Primo Entertaiment, DC Set Group and the Cosmosphere Space Education Center and Museum in Hutchinson, Kansas.

That latter institution is responsible for collecting, safeguarding and managing “all of these priceless and rare historical artifacts so they can be shared with all of humanity,” the release said.

Following its initial stop in Miami, the itinerant exhibition will later tour major cities of the US and Canada. EFE


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